RNS ABI Personal Care Plan

Designed specifically for the symptoms and needs of the client, we develop a Personal Care Plan to assist clients with the physical, emotional and social challenges that ABI can present.

Acquired Brain Injury

  • Assistance for day to day personal care & activities
  • Companionship and communication help for clients
  • Trained, certified nurses and personal support workers

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ABI is the leading cause of disability in people under 45 years of age.

The effects of ABI, and how those effects are treated, can vary widely from client to client. RNS Health Care Services Inc.’ PSWs are trained to provide quality care regardless of ABI symptom variations.

That’s the good news, with the right care, the effects of ABI can be managed effectively.

Nurses and Personal Support Workers Depending on the client’s needs, trained and certified Nurses or Personal Support Workers (PSW) will carry out an ABI Personal Care Plan:

  • Assistance for day-to-day personal care
  • Assistance for day-today activities
  • Help with communication skills
  • Mobility assistance
  • Companionship for the client
  • Ensure client safety

Every caregiver has the full support of the entire RNS Health Care Services Inc. Healthcare team to manage the Care Plan, keep open communication with everyone in the circle of care and adjusts the Care Plan as needed.

More Than Care

Good ABI care requires more than experience and education. Regional Nursing Service actively participates in and supports ABI networks, collaborations and initiatives to help promote a greater understanding of the needs of those living with ABI and to improve ABI care and support.