Medically complex cases can require a broad range of specialized care. In most cases, the complicated care needed means that hospitals and institutions are often a client’s only option for complex care.
Regardless of the challenges faced by clients, the familiarity, comfort and security of home can often helps them with the physical, emotional and psychological issues they face.
The problem is getting good complex medical care at home.

Community Clinics

  • Prepared and equipped to provide effective complex home care
  • Ongoing training and education for all RNS nurses and PSW’s
  • Top level communication keeping everyone informed and in the know

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Solutions for Complex Home Care

RNS Health Care Services is an accredited healthcare provider that specializes in providing high quality complex care at home. Our Registered Nurses (RN), Registered Practical Nurses (RPN) and Personal Support Workers (PSW) are prepared and equipped to provide effective complex home care:

Tailored Community Clinics

Have your community clinic tailored to the needs of your community. Receive specific healthcare needs and clinics held wherever needed:

The Right Caregivers
  • It’s not just about treating symptoms, but about compassion and the overall mental, emotional and physical well being of the client
Education and Training
  • Ongoing complex care training and education provided by RNS Health Care Services Inc. and accredited healthcare education facilities
  • Caregivers who understand the context of the client’s challenges and the complex care that is needed to meet them.
  • Everyone in the circle of care is kept informed

The RNS Health Care Services Inc.’ Healthcare Supervisor and Nurse Managers constantly monitor every complex case to ensure appropriate quality care and to keep open communications between clients, families and members of the circle of care.