Director of Operations

The Vice President Director of Operations will be responsible for contributing to the successful operation of RNS Health Care Services Inc. and providing regular reports on the organization’s progress to the President/CEO. As a member of the Executive Team, the Vice President Director of Operations shall participate in the development of RNS Health Care Services Inc.’s priorities and objectives.



  • Attends stakeholder and funder related meetings to support operations of contract(s)
  • Ensure the organizations strategic and operating plans are predicated on sound financial forecasts
  • Lead and guide a realistic pace of change based on evidence of need, appropriateness, ability to maintain and enhance the quality of services, and the availability of resources
  • In conjunction with the President/CEO, oversee the development of both strategic and operational plans required to maintain and enhance the existing services and establish new services based on identified gaps
  • Promote teamwork and professional growth of staff, in terms of both responsibility and authority, in the achievement of organizational goals and the required service efficiencies in light of the current health care environment
  • Continually work with the leadership team with the goal of recruiting and retaining superior talent in a variety of roles thereby positioning RNS as the ‘employer of choice’ in competing for healthcare professionals
  • Oversees quality improvement initiatives, supports the maintenance of a safe and healthy work environment and advances a culture of client/patient safety through work and daily practices
  • Implement corporate policies, procedures, and organizational structure within the framework of corporate policy
  • Provide support to any number of projects from an operational, financial and resource standpoint
  • Oversee organization’s budget process; establishes timelines; provides support to management team; holds management team accountable for process
  • Plan, staff, and supervise all assigned work unit activities through subordinate managers to ensure a cohesive operational unit
  • Provide advice, guidance, and direction to subordinate executives and managers toward their professional development
  • Coordinate and confer with professional staff to resolve operating problems and difficulties, and authorize department operational procedures within corporate framework
  • Coordinates with the President/CEO to monitor the activities of RNS Health Care Services Inc.
  • Identifies and analyzes information to give early warnings of potential problems and recommends corrective action
  • Manages reporting to appropriate government agencies
  • Oversees preparation of an annual report, other outreach materials
  • Acts, as needed, in the absence of the President/CEO
  • Oversees compliance with RNS Health Care Services Inc.’s Personnel Policies and Employee Handbook, and recommends additions to, and/or modification of, the manual and other operating guidance of RNS Health Care Services Inc., as part of the Executive Team
  • Manages, in conjunction with the Executive Team, scheduling and performance of annual employee performance reviews
  • Manages periodic review of the employee’s benefit package, and recommend changes to President/CEO
  • Perform additional assignments as required by the needs of the company, or as directed by the President/CEO


  • 4 year technical or business administration degree or equivalent (advanced degree preferred)
  • MBA or similar degree preferred
  • 10 years progressively responsible experience with at least 5 years in management
  • Evidence of the intellectual and analytical ability to deal with complex strategic and operating issues
  • Excellent management, negotiating and organizational skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a team and achieve results
  • Experience in budgeting, project management, supervision of accounting, operations and human resources
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills
  • Able to prioritize and focus associates on appropriate tasks
  • Demonstrated ability to read and interpret financial documents and spreadsheets
  • Works well under pressure and makes deadlines
  • Works effectively in an entrepreneurial, collaborative environment, and is able to direct and work in harmony with a diverse group of highly motivated and capable individuals
  • Demonstrated relationship-building skills
  • Solid judgment
  • Critical thinking skills
  • A sense of teamwork and community
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks
  • Highly organized
  • Able to work in excess of stated office hours to get the job done
  • Ability to travel occasionally
  • Willing and able to exercise the authority entrusted in order to accomplish assigned duties and responsibilities
  • Can relieve the President, or Vice President of a large number of administrative and managerial duties
  • Must be comfortable and competent in a range of venues when there is need to represent the organization at the request, or in the absence, of the President
  • Must have a commitment to the vision and mission of RNS Health Care Services Inc.

RNS Health Care Services Inc. is an accredited organization of professionals providing concerned, competent and compassionate health care services within our community since 1985. Canadian-owned and operated, offering services such as personal support, homemaking, respite care, palliative care, nursing, foot care and community clinics. Our caregivers care for clients in their homes, hospitals, retirement and nursing home facilities.

RNS Health Care Services Inc. is committed to meeting the needs of persons with disabilities and to providing accessibility accommodations for candidates who require them. Please let us know if you require accommodate during the recruitment process.