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[space space=”10″][quote author=”Loving Children, Aurora, Ontario”]“For all the help you gave to our dear Mum, in the way of overnight PSWs, we would like to extend our heartfelt thanks. Everyone of the workers who were sent to sit with Mum throughout the night did a splendid job (they know who they are.)

Mum was proud of her appearance and those who cared for her helped maintain that aspect to the high standards she expected. She had great dignity and that too was maintained through all the many travails that she endured thanks to the caring workers who assisted her.

You are all very special people and deserve all the praise earned through assisting people like our Mum and will always hold a special place in our hearts.”[/quote][space space=”10″][quote author=”Grateful Daughter, Richmond Hill, ON”]“I wanted you to know that your PSW was a wonderful woman who took great care of my mother when she visited twice a week.

Your PSW was efficient, clean and a conscientious care giver. She took great care of mu mother and I trusted her completely. I had absolutely no worries whenever she visited my mother. She is a good person.

On behalf of my mother and I, we would highly recommend your PSW to any client and thank her for everything she has done..”[/quote][space space=”10″][quote author=”Appreciative Mom, Markham, Ontario”]
“I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful support I have had from your PSW.

My daughter is now 5 years old and your PSW has been with her since she was a few months old. My daughter has special needs and I have had my share of struggles dealing with a disabled child. However, you have helped lighten the load of my problems.

Your PSW is special and her help is invaluable. She provides love and comfort in addition to the support she gives my daughter and my family. She devotes her time to my daughter’s growth and helps my daughter walk and express herself.

We hold her in high regard and treat her and love her as one of the family.”[/quote]

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